• Next Culture Dance Club

    Can you imagine making your dancing as seriously as your fighting? What would this world look like?

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    Welcome to the Dance Dojo

    Dance Dojo is a space where the Dance Club takes place. For the outside world we are the Dance Club, when we're in the training space, we are in the Dance Dojo.
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    What are we Dancing for?

    Dancing for no reason.
    Dancing for high level fun.
    Dancing for ecstatically being.
    Cathextically Dancing.
    Dancing as a practice of expression of conscious feelings and healing emotions, allowing transformation to move through you in your 5 bodies.

    Dancing from First Possition. Centered. Grounded. Bubble of space.
    Healing. Being witnessed. Witnessing. Gaining clarity. Completing incomplete communications in your 5 bodies (energetic, intelectual, physical, emotional and archetypal). Sweating out the excess. Gaining clarity. Making new decisions.
    Growing 5 body resilience, flow. Exploring our edges and limitations, one step at a time, committing to a life of practice.
    Connection. Connecting deeply and meaninfgully with others and with yourself, connecting with the space, with the sounds, with the feelings in your body, to carry an honest practice where you win and others win.
    Consciously dancing as an authentic form of expression of your being.
    Change. Transformation. Exploration. Discovery.

    Dance Club is a space of Discovery which allows for transformation of self to step into archetypal roles. Giving and receiving feedback,
    Co-living. Co-habitation of this planet. Community. Village. Creating a new regenerative Culture. Cultivating our connections. Sharing our gifts, our emotions and vulnerabilities with others.
    Becoming one. Creating a space of practice. Caring for the space of practice as a tool that brings us together in deep ways. Acting together.

    Flash mobs. Developing to trust ourselves that we'll take care of ourselves.
    Extracting ourselves from the capitalist patriarchal gameworlds that are consuming all life on Earth. Calling back your energy, thoughts and emotions that are rooted into the patriarchal gameworlds and moving your point of origin into a New Regenerative Radically Responsible Culture, Next Culture, Archearchy.

    Using the Dance Club space to ask participants to hold space for feeling your feelings, to give you possibilities for claiming back your energy, your authority, your power, your voice, your mobility.
    Jumping into Next Culture gameworlds, such as StartOver.xyz, Next Culture Nomads, Dance Club, Rage Club, Fear Club, Possibility Village.
    What we are training for is the principles of the Dance Club.
    Every practice is a moving meditation of these principles.
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    Format of Dance Club

    Dance Club has a Dance Dojo, where the participants get together once a week for 1 to 2 hours.


    The Dance Dojo is Sacred Space, Your Center, when you're here everything that you need is at your reach, this space is your love, your connection, your conscious principles, your launching platform, your place of origin. In the Dojo, you are responsible for yourself, for connecting with the feeling of your center and moving from there.


    The doors close at the time of begining. Anyone who is late will miss the practice. Aim to be at the location at least 10 minutes earlier. This is a serious space of practice, where we come to meet our own shadow and invite it to Dance for becoming the principles of Dance Club.


    The practice opens up by gathering in time in a circle with the present participants. In the opening circle, the spaceholder sets the space for high level responsible fun, by guiding the group to First Position and landing in the space the context of love, connection, acceptance, gratitude, kindness, introducing and welcoming new participants, setting the bigger context for this practice: the creation of regenerative culture and gameworlds.


    Then, we share clockwise our names, pronouns, our sound+move signature, what are you dancing for in this practice?.


    Then, the spaceholder introduces the practice of the day and the next activity: Free Dance for 15 minutes. Then, we hold hands, expand the circle as big as it can go, then contract back as small as it can go then meeting all at the middle


    The music starts. Free Dance for 15 minutes. The purpose of this activity is to get our bodies activated, our hearts pumping, warm up our ligaments, tap into that space of dancing.


    Then the spaceholder presents the main activity of the practice, it can be an individual activity, a group activity, a 1on1, groups of 3, groups of 4. Some examples of main activities would be: sparing, footwork, breathe work, dance your emotions, barefoot tango, break dance, dance circle where one or 2 people at a time go in the middle of the circle.


    15 minutes before the end of the practice, the spaceholder calls the participants to form in a circle. We practice Centering, bringing our attention to our physical center, intending our grounding cord to the center of the earth, and manifesting our bubble of space. Spaceholder gives thanks for the practice that allows us through smart repetition to get better at something or do things that we weren't able to before. We go around the in a circle in popcorn style sharing any value or treasure you found in today's practice and feedback for the spaceholder.


    We give thanks. Hold hands, contract the circle as small as we can, then expand it as big as it can, then the spaceholder leads the way out of the Dojo and the rest of the group follows behind until everyone cleared the practice area. The practice ends. The participants grab their belongings and clear the space.

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    Dance Club Spaceholder

    Are you the Next Culture Dance Club Spaceholder?

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